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[Khác] Tuyển CEO/COO– Code: CEO-V

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    CEO/COO– Code: CEO-V

    * Salary: 4000- 6000$ + Incentive

    * Working location: For GPO's customers in Phu Nhuan District – HCM (Our client is a company operating in the industry of manufacturing and distributing interior decoration and construction material products (both online and offline channel). The annual transaction volume is about 4.000 Billlion VND/year. Company has 6000 stores nationwide)

    * Experience: over 5 years of experience at CEO level for multinational corporations

    *Job description

    · Overseeing operational improvement across all areas of the company

    · Creation of a long term strategic and financial plan.

    · Monitoring company activities and ensuring the business operates within guidelines.

    · Formulating company policies and strategies with a view to driving growth.

    · Advising on the future growth of the business.

    · Providing strategic analysis, forecasts and projections to the business.

    · Ensuring customers receive the best possible service at every point of interaction with the business

    · Managing and recruiting managers across key portfolios (e.g., finance, marketing, merchandising, operations)

    · Maintaining oversight of the business plan, financial performance and risk factors

    · Supporting in managing key supplier relationships together with the respective Line Manager

    · Supporting in key negotiations with suppliers to drive margin and payment terms

    · Building brand and value proposition, through smart marketing, website optimisation, and merchandising - Ensuring that best practices are implemented and adhered to

    *Job requirements

    · Candidates who have worked in the E-commerce field are given priority

    · Minimum of 8-10 years in a management role, in a e-commerce company experience.

    · Understanding all the process from design, production, logistic, research and development to launch product on social channel, especially have a good knowledge in e-commerce and technology

    · Understanding of Vietnamese retail consumers, and preferably an understanding of online consumerism

    · Tracking record of personal achievement and people leadership

    · Entrepreneurial spirit, strong analytical skills and hands-on attitude - you should be 'hungry',

    · excited by a fast-paced/start-up environment, and keen to build an incredible team

    · People management experience

    * Benefits:

    · Salary: 4000- 6000$ + Incentive

    · Fully enjoy the policies, benefits, social insurance in accordance

    · Wide open promotion opportunities.

    · Professional working environment.

    * How to apply:

    · Interested candidates send CV to the e-mail address rec3.gpo@gmail.com with the title: Name - Year of birth - Location (for example: Nguyen Hong Phuong - 1980 – CEO-V)

    · Phone: 0904155707 (Ms. Yen)

    · Detail: https://career.gpo.vn/ceo-coo-v458.html

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