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[Quảng cáo] Tuyển Chief Accountant – Code: KTT-HH

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    GPO's client – an international hospital is recruiting for the position:

    Chief Accountant – Code: KTT-HH

    * Working address: Dong Da District, Hanoi
    * Salary: from 2000$. Negotiable
    * Experience: at least 3 years in a similar position
    * Only receive application and CV in English

    * Job description

    · Based on current regimes and policies, the Hospital's development plan, to make a budget estimate, the Hospital's revenue and expenditure plan, and organize the implementation when the plan is approved.

    · Organize and strictly manage the collection of hospital fees in accordance with current regulations and the Hospital's regulations.

    · Develop spending norms for each specific operation of the Hospital on the basis of the approved budget.

    · Organize accounting work in the Hospital in accordance with current regulations. Performing accounting, labor, salary, regimes, policies, materials, property, administrative and non-business operations accurately and in a timely manner. Organize, guide, inspect and supervise the hospital's accounting, revenue and expenditure regime.

    · Periodically make financial statements, summaries of assets, and inventory of assets.

    · Organize and store accounting documents and books in accordance with regulations.

    · Synthesize the situation, specific data, analyze the operation results of the Hospital, report to the Director.

    * Job requirements

    · Male/Female aged 37 and over

    · Graduated from university majoring in finance - accounting. Certified Chief Accountant

    · Priority is given to candidates who have worked in the medical environment for 3 years or more.

    · Good communication in English is an advantage

    · Employee leadership skills

    · Planning skills

    · Work organization and supervision skills

    · Skills in analysis, synthesis, and reporting.

    · Proficient office skills (Win, Words, Excel, Powerpoint) and accounting software

    * Benefit:

    · Salary: from 2000$. Negotiable;

    · Social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance regimes according to the provisions of law.

    · Bonus according to the company's regulations, according to actual capacity and performance.

    * How to apply:


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