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[Giới thiệu] Tuyển Chief Chef

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    Chief Chef (Executive Chef In Charge Of Food And Beverage: Bếp trưởng) – Code: CC-HH

    *Salary: from 1.000 USD
    * Experience: from 5 years in the same position.
    * Working location: GPO client company – a big international hospital in Dong Da/Hai Ba Trung districts, Hanoi.
    * Only receive application & CV in English

    * Job description

    · Operating and supervising the service for customers (foreign doctors) at the hospital restaurant

    · Create menus to meet the needs of customers and according to doctors’ instruction

    · Secure food supplies with suppliers

    · Collaborate with Nutrition Doctors for the menu of patients in the hospital.

    · Solve any problems that may arise in the kitchen / during service provision to customers.

    · Control costs without compromising quality standards and financial goals. Detailed work will be discussed at the interview.

    * Job requirements

    · Fluent in English.

    · Know how to use Calculator

    · Used to work as a chef at high-end restaurants and hotels.

    · Priority used to be a chef in the hospital, aviation industry

    * Benefit:

    · Attractive salary.

    · Working in a professional international hospital environment

    · Bonuses according to the hospital's policies and business operations

    · Enjoy insurance and other benefits as prescribed

    · Professional, youthful and dynamic working environment

    * How to apply:

    · Interested candidates send CV to e-mail rec3.gpo@gmail.com with e-mail Subject: Name – Year of Birth – Location (for example: Nguyen Hong Phuong – 1985 –CC-HH)

    · Phone: 02471096868.

    · Detail: https://gpo.vn/chief-chef-executive-chef-in-charge-of-food-and-beverage-bep-truong-code-cc-hh/

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